About Ginger Rockey-Johnson

Ginger Rockey-Johnson Californian by birth, Cherokee, English, Irish by heritage, Ginger currently lives in Tampa, Florida with her husband, John (aka “Honey”) and her three adult children.  Dubbed “Spice Girl of Tampa Bay” by friends and colleagues, Ginger Rockey-Johnson is a Networking & Referral Marketing Specialist, Radio Personality and owns a Social Media Concierge Marketing Agency – Remarkable Marketing Solutions.

Her true passion is to empower businesses and everything she does helps her achieve that life long endeavor.Ginger's Family

Ginger is the Radio Personality of Social Media Today with the Spice Girl of Tampa Bay with 2.5 million listeners worldwide her radio show airs on LifeImprovementRadio.com Thursday’s at 11 am.  While On Air, she teaches the world of Internet, covering topics of Social Media, Search Engine Optimization, Social Networking, and all things Internet Marketing Education related to those who need just questions answered without charging them a dime.  She teaches her strategies in real life at Monster Mixers - Tampa’s Largest Business Networking Event in Tampa Bay, three years in a row.

Through her social media Done 4 you services, Spice Girl of Tampa Bay, Inc. she helps businesses take a confident leap into the world of the Internet with confidence. Ginger helps business owners accelerate their business branding & visibility using an integrated social marketing strategy, with particular focus on keyword research, and demystifying the Social Media & Search Engine Optimization.  Ginger has a strong background in the world of team dynamics and relationship building and technology, making networking, connecting people, and empowering business through media & the Internet her ideal arena. She is passionate about showing fellow professionals how to develop powerful profitable relationships using social media. Come and learn why, she is The Spice Girl of Tampa Bay.

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